The accreditation process for the ENEA European Team Speedway Championship has started

Attention journalists and photojournalists! We would like to inform you about the launch of the accreditation process for the Enea European Team Speedway Championship, which will take place on May 15 in Poznań. Applications will be accepted until 10/05/2022.

The condition is to fill in the appropriate form, available on the SpeedwayEvents.pl website in the “MEDIA” tab. All applications arriving after this deadline will not be considered. Please read the Regulations for granting accreditation on the SpeedwayEvents.pl website The decision on granting the accreditation will be sent to the e-mail address of the person / editorial office / portal applying for the accreditation by 11/05/2022. We remind fans that tickets to the event can be purchased online at: http://bilety.speedwayevents.pl and on ebilet.pl.