We invite you to Poznan for a great speedway event! On May 15, the Enea European Team Speedway Championship

We invite you to Poznan for a great speedway event! On May 15, the Enea European Team Speedway Championship

On Sunday, May 15, at 2 p.m., at the „Golecin” stadium in Poznan, a large international speedway event will take place – the Enea European Team Speedway Championship. Its premiere, pilot edition will be attended by four national teams – Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. The competition is invited by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, FIM Europe, the Polish Motor Association, Enea Group, the City of Poznan and Speedwayevents.pl. The MEP Ryszard Czarnecki is the honorary patron of the event.

The Enea European Team Speedway Championship is a return to the real team competition on speedway, so liked by fans. There has never been such a tournament in the European edition. Each team will consist of 4 riders and a substitute. The formula of the tournament envisages 20 races, after which the medalists of the Enea European Team Speedway Championship will be selected, i.e. – switching to Polish – the Enea European Team Speedway Championship. All teams confirmed their participation in the strongest line-ups. So we can be sure that we will see the world’s leading speedway riders at the Poznan track. The winning team will receive an impressive cup, and the prize pool for all participants will amount to EUR 70,000. The line-ups will be announced at the beginning of May.

– We have been thinking about this event for a long time and I think that its formula meets the expectations of speedway fans. We can go back to the classic team competition, for the first time for the European title. The line-up will be five people, I am sure that they will all go in the strongest lineups and we will have a great event that will take place regardless of the Team World Cup – said Piotr Szymański, chairman of the FIM Europe Track Racing Commission and head of the Main Speedway Sport Commission.

– This event is the fulfillment of some of our dreams. We’ve been talking about her for a long time. Recently, however, there have been some objective obstacles to organizing it, over which we had no influence. Why Poznan? There is a good climate for speedway here, an interesting league team has been created and fans, I hope so, will appear in crowds at this event. I would like to thank the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the titular sponsor – the Enea Group, as well as the president of Poznan and the honorary patron, without whose favorable attitude it would not be possible to bring this event to fruition – said Maciej Polny from Speedwayevents.pl, which brand will be responsible for the organization of Enea European Team Speedway Championship.

– I would like to thank you for inviting our team to participate in this event. I am convinced that these will be interesting and high-level professions. Certainly, our team will do everything in its power to present themselves well in Poznan – said Morgan Andersen, manager of the Swedish national team.

– It is good to see such an event in the calendar, for which we have been waiting for years. Full team competition in five-person teams – it will be a great show. I am very happy for this event, we have a good team, but the other teams are also very strong. It is difficult to identify a favorite – said Hans Nielsen, manager of the Danish national team, who has good memories from Poznan, where in 1991 he won the gold medal at the Pair World Championship together with Jan Ove Pedersen and Tommy Knudsen.

– I am convinced that there will be a successful tournament here and that each team will be well prepared for this competition. Our goal will, of course, be to do a good job – that is, triumph in this event and repeat the success of the Speedway of Nations competition. It would be a fantastic scenario, but everything will be decided as always on the track, admitted Rob Painter, UK national team manager.

– I am glad that we can have such a big competition in Poznan. We have won gold medals at the European Junior Team Championship many times and we have always said that it would be nice to wait for the senior competition for the gold of the Old Continent. It is great that it will finally happen. The formula of the competition is very simple, and at the same time very fair. Today I invite you to the Golecin Stadium on May 15. This is a championship event and I promise that we will try to win this title – said the manager of the Polish national team, Rafał Dobrucki.

This year’s final of the Enea European Team Speedway Championship in Poznan is a pilot. The qualifying rounds have already been planned for next year. Their formula will depend on the number of submissions. Only the host will be able to start in the final. The tournament that will select the medalists in 2023 will definitely not be held in Poland.

The city of Poznan has already hosted a great speedway event – in 1991, the final of the World Pairs Championship took place at the Golecin stadium. The Enea European Team Speedway Championship is the return of the highest-level speedway to this city after 31 years. – Our city organizes a lot of international events, now speedway joins the group of great sports events in Poznan. I believe that Enea Speedway European Team Championship will be written in golden letters on the pages of the history of Poznan sport – said Ewa Bąk, director of the sports department of the Poznan City Hall.

The titular sponsor of the May competition at the Golecin stadium will be Enea Group – the vice-leader of the Polish electricity market in the field of electricity production. Manages the full value chain in the electricity market: from fuel, through production, distribution, sales and customer service.

Enea has been supporting sport for many years – both professional and youth. It is the title sponsor of, among others volleyball and basketball teams in north-west Poland, speedway competitions and the largest triathlon events. Sports education of children is promoted under the Enea Akademia Sportu project.

It is also a sponsor of the Polish Association of Rowing Societies and the Polish Table Tennis Association. The ambassador of the brand is Natalia Partyka, a titled table tennis player and multiple participant in the Olympic Games and a paralympic medalist.