We know who will ride in the A and B Finals of the European Team Speedway Championship

We already know the FIM Europe calendar, and with it the dates and venues of the most important speedway events. We know in which cities the A Final and B Final of the European Team Championships will be held. The riders who will fight for participation in the Grand Finals will be hosted by Gdansk and Pardubice. The fight for medals will instead take place in Grudziądz.

The competition for medals in the European Team Speedway Championship will be held in Poland for the second time. Previously, in 2022, the Poles celebrated gold at Poznan’s Golęcin. The last edition had its final in the German city of Stralsund. There, too, the White-Reds won. This year, our national team is ex officio assured a place in the Grand Finals, and that’s because the medal-deciding competition will come to Grudziądz this year. The tournament is scheduled for April 6.
However, before the Grand Finals take place, it is necessary to get to know the Poles’ rivals. On March 30, eight teams from the Old Continent will ride in Final A (Pardubice) and Final B (Gdansk). We already know that the teams of the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark and Norway will present themselves on the track in Pardubice. In Gdansk, on the other hand, the following teams will fight for promotion: Ukraine, Germany, Latvia and Sweden. The winners of both these tournaments will be promoted. The group of participants in the Grand Finals will be completed by one of the teams that will take second place – the one with better points.