Team line-ups for the A Final and B Final of the European Team Championships announced

The managers of the speedway national teams that have applied to compete in the European Team Championships have announced the line-ups of their teams for the A Final and B Final of this competition. The competition will take place on 30 March on tracks in Pardubice and Gdansk. The Grand Final, where the Polish team is already waiting for its rivals, will take place on 6 April at 2 pm in Grudziądz.

Eight teams, entering the European Team Speedway Championship on 30 March, will compete for the three vacant places in the decider. The winners of Finals A and B will gain promotion. The line-up for the Grand Final will be completed by the second-placed team with more points.

Let us remind you that entry to the competition in Gdańsk is free. Only competition programmes will be on sale, the proceeds from which will be donated to help Ukraine. An additional element will be a memorial race, dedicated to the memory of Zbigniew Podlecki, a legend of Gdańsk Wybrzeże and Polish speedway, who is the patron of the stadium at ul. Zawodników 1. The riders nominated to start in race number 20 will compete in it.

Team line-ups

Final A – Pardubice 

Denmark (manager Nicki Pedersen)

1. Mikkel Michelsen
2. Mads Hansen
3. Rasmus Jensen
4. Anders Thomsen
17. Bastian Pedersen

Czech Republic (manager Zdenek Schneiderwind)

5. Jan Kvech
6. Vaclav Milik
7. Daniel Klima
8. Jan Macek
18. Adam Bednar

Norway (manager Rune Holta) 

9. Mathias Pollestad
10. Truls Kamhaug
11. Glenn Moi
12. Lasse Fredriksen

Slovenia (manager Gregor Arnsek)

13. Matic Ivacic
14. Anże Grmek
15. Luka Omerzel
16. TBA

Final B – Gdańsk 

Latvia (manager Vladimir Vagels)

1. Andrzej Lebiediew
2. Oleg Michaiłow
3. Jewgienij Kostygow
4. Daniił Kołodinski
17. Francis Gusts

Germany (manager Mathias Bartz)

5. Valentin Grobauer
6. Erik Riss
7. Kevin Woelbert
8. Sandro Wassermann
18. Norick Bloedorn

Sweden (manager Morgan Andersson)

9. Jacob Thorssell
10. Antonio Lindbaeck
11. Fredrik Lindgren
12. Kim Nilsson
19. Casper Henriksson

Ukraine (manager Siergiej Latosiński)

13. Marko Lewiszyn
14. Andrij Karpow
15. Stanisław Melnyczuk
16. Witalij Łysak
20. Nazar Parnicki