We invite you to Grudziądz for the Zooleszcz European Team Speedway Championship! Poland defends its title

The stadium at 4 Hallera Street in Grudziądz will be the arena for the struggle in the Grand Final of the European Team Championships. On Saturday, 6 April, from 2 p.m., the Czech, Danish, Swedish and Polish teams will compete for medals. Zooleszcz is the title sponsor of the event. Tickets are on sale online at tickets.speedwayevents.pl and at ebilet.pl.

Grudziądz will host an international event of this stature for the first time, with the European Speedway Team Championships themselves taking place for the third time in history. Both previous editions have been triumphed by the Red and White. In 2022, they took gold in Poznań, and a year later they proved to be the best on the track in the German city of Stralsund. So in Grudziądz they have a chance to win for the third time in a row.

– I am very pleased that an event of such a high rank will be organised in Grudziadz. It is well known that speedway is the leading sport in our city. Saturday’s competition will be a great and very prestigious inauguration of the season. I would like to invite all fans, not only from Grudziądz, to our stadium – said the Mayor of Grudziądz, Maciej Glamowski, who is an honorary patron of the event.

The Polish team did not have to fight for promotion to the Grand Final because, as the hosts, promotion was assured out of hand. Rafał Dobrucki had a very difficult decision to make. According to the regulations, each team can only include one rider competing in the Speedway Grand Prix series. Eventually, the coach called up Bartosz Zmarzlik, Patryk Dudek, Przemysław Pawlicki, Piotr Pawlicki and Wiktor Przyjemski for the competition in Grudziądz.

The Polish team is set as favourites, but the Danes and Swedes also have a big appetite for gold. However, the coach of our national team does not intend to underestimate any of the rivals.

– The truth is that we already have quite a large bag of medals. We are carrying them bravely and we want to add another medal, preferably a gold one. The riders who will be competing here on Saturday know what to work on to get the best result – said Rafał Dobrucki. – It’s the beginning of the season, our riders have not done many laps so far, but they are all in a similar situation. We know for sure that we are not underestimating any of our rivals. Each team has ambitious players and will come here with hopes. Therefore, it is not the case that only Denmark will threaten us. The Swedes and Czechs should also be appreciated –  he added.

– I am extremely happy to represent our country in the European Team Championships again – admitted Patryk Dudek, who was in the team that won gold in Poznań two years ago. – I’ve been thinking a lot about the track in Grudziądz recently. Each of us has had better and worse moments at Haller 4. We are riders who like to fight on the track and this heralds an interesting competition – he added.

The managers of the other teams nominated the same players for the squads who had competed in the A and B Finals. These took place in Pardubice and Gdansk. In the Czech Republic, the Danes advanced, along with the hosts, who finished second, but were better than the Latvians in a correspondence points duel. The Latvians, in turn, finished behind the Swedes in Gdansk. The “Three Crowns” team thus completed the line-up for the Grand Final.

Team line-ups

DENMARK (manager Nicki Pedersen)

1. Mikkel Michelsen
2. Anders Thomsen
3. Rasmus Jensen
4. Mads Hansen
17. Bastian Pedersen

POLAND (manager Rafał Dobrucki)

5. Bartosz Zmarzlik
6. Patryk Dudek
7. Przemysław Pawlicki
8. Piotr Pawlicki
18. Wiktor Przyjemski

SWEDEN (manager Morgan Andersson)

9. Jacob Thorsell
10. Antonio Lindbäck
11. Fredrik Lindgren
12. Kim Nilsson
19. Casper Henrikson

CZECH REPUBLIC (manager Zdenek Schneiderwind)

13. Daniel Klima
14. Vaclav Milik
15. Jan Kvech
16. Jan Macek
20. Adam Bubba Bednar

Online ticket sales for the Grand Final are underway. They can be purchased online at tickets.speedwayevents.pl and at ebilet.pl.

Ticket prices

VIP – 350 PLN- included in the price: high-class catering (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hot and cold dishes, snacks, desserts), parking space, a seat on Stand D, the competition programme, a set of gifts, the possibility to stay in the machine park up to 75 minutes before the competition starts and after the competition – when the machine park is released by the referee).

Other Sectors

Normal – 40 PLN

Concessionary – 30 PLN  (children and youth aged 8-18, students under 24, pensioners)

Children up to and including 7 years of age – free entry with an adult guardian, the child sits on the guardian’s lap

On the day of the competition, starting at 11.00 a.m., tickets and programmes will also be available at the stadium ticket offices and at stationary stands around the venue. Tickets are valid in both paper and electronic versions (on a mobile device). The stadium gates will open at 12.30pm.