Poland with third gold in a row at the European Team Championships

The Polish team opened the season with a bang. At the Zooleszcz European Team Speedway Championship in Grudziądz, it was unrivalled. It won as many as 51 points. For comparison, the second-placed Danes scored 35. This is the third European Team Championship title for the Poles. In addition to the Danes, the Swedes also stood on the podium.

It was domination. The Polish national team very quickly packed the Grudziadz track and jumped away from their rivals. After the first round, they had a 2 point lead over the Danes. In the second round, the difference was already 10 points. The Poles unanimously emphasise that, thanks to accurate insights from the training session and the first round of starts, they managed to adjust their motorbikes to the prevailing conditions.

– From my perspective, there was uncertainty, which was due to the fact that the Grudziądz track is very specific and I had a slight apprehension before the competition. After two runs we read the conditions here and then it was easier, but it wasn’t a walk. It’s nice that we started one of the first team competitions with a bump and let’s hope it continues like that – concluded Patryk Dudek.

Polish speedway riders could celebrate the title already after the 17th run. They were meticulously building their lead throughout the competition. In the last series of starts, national team coach Rafał Dobrucki was in such a comfortable position that he let reserve rider Wiktor Przyjemski go in the 19th race.

– We have worked hard to celebrate this title. I’m going to keep saying it, we’re at the beginning of the season. The riders are learning the equipment, looking for their optimum form, so we are all the more pleased with this title. The current speedway is very sensitive to any change. You don’t judge winners, we probably could have done something better, but at this stage, European Team Championship gold is a great achievement – said Rafał Dobrucki

While Bartosz Zmarzlik and Patryk Dudek’s performances may have taken some getting used to – last season they won gold medals in the World Team Cup – Piotr and Przemyslaw Pawlicki returned to the team after a break. However, it was a successful comeback for the Falubaz Zielona Gora riders, who scored a total of 23 points.

– Performing with the eagle is always associated with an extra thrill, so the joy after a victory is huge. I approach every competition the same way. The beginning of the season is very intense, we have a few important speedway events behind us and with each one we get going. I’m doing everything I can to make the same result on the extraliga tracks as I did in the 1st division. I spent a couple of years in Grudziądz and I tried to suggest as much as I could to the guys. It’s obvious that what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for other riders. I’m glad that the third gold in a row stays in Poland – comments Przemyslaw Pawlicki.

The European runners-up were the Danish representatives, with Anders Thomsen the best rider, who scored 14 points. Mikkel Michelsen also rode effectively. Danish team manager Nicki Pedersen did his best to make up for the loss, but even tactical reserves could not save the loss to the Poles.

– We were hoping for a much better performance and gold medals. We feel slightly disappointed. We are a strong team. We tried to help each other with set-up and the best paths on the track, but it wasn’t enough for the Poles,” says Anders Thomsen.

The Swedes and Czechs have a lot to think about. The Swedes and the Czechs may have won bronze medals, but they cannot be satisfied with their performance. The only rider who did not disappoint was Fredrik Lindgren, who scored 10 points. The same goes for the Czech team, who only managed 13 points in the competition.


I Poland – 51 points

5. Bartosz Zmarzlik – 13 (3,3,1,3,3)
6. Patryk Dudek – 14 (3,3,3,2,3)
7. Przemysław Pawlicki – 10 (2,3,3,2,-)
8. Piotr Pawlicki – 13 (2,3,3,2,3)
18. Wiktor Przyjemski – 1 (1)

II Denmark – 35 points

1. Mikkel Michelsen – 9 (3,1,2,1,2)
2. Anders Thomsen – 14 (3,2,3,3,3,0)
3. Rasmus Jensen – 7 (1,0,2,3,1)
4. Mads Hansen – 5 (1,1,2,-,1)
17. Bastian Pedersen – NS

III Sweden – 20 points
Jacob Thorssell – 2 (0,2,0,0)
10. Antonio Lindbaeck – 4 (0,2,d,0,2)
11. Fredrik Lindgren – 10 (2,2,2,0,2,2)
12. Kim Nilsson – 4 (2,1,0,1,-)
19. Casper Henriksson – 0 (w)

IV Czech Republic – 13 points
13. Daniel Klima – 2 (0,-,-,2,t)
14. Vaclav Milik – 5 (0,d,1,1,3)
15. Jan Kvech – 5 (1,1,1,1,0,1)
16. Jan Macek – 0 (-,0,0,-)
20. Adam Bednar – 1 (1,0,w,0)

Hits after hits

1. Zmarzlik, Nilsson, Hansen, Milik
2. Dudek, Lindgren, Jensen, Klima
3. Thomsen, Pawlicki, Kvech, Thorssell
4. Michelsen, Pawlicki, Bednar, Lindbaeck
5. Dudek, Thorssell, Hansen, Macek
6. Zmarzlik, Lindbaeck, Kvech, Jensen
7. Pawlicki, Thomsen, Nilsson, Bednar
8. Pawlicki, Lindgren, Michelsen, Milik (d)
9. (66,78) Pawlicki, Hansen, Bednar (w), Lindbaeck (d)
10. Pawlicki, Jensen, Milik, Thorssell
11. Thomsen, Lindgren, Zmarzlik, Macek
12. Dudek, Michelsen, Kvech, Nilsson
13. Jensen, Pawlicki, Nilsson, Bednar
14. Thomsen, Pawlicki, Kvech, Lindgren
15. Thomsen, Dudek, Milik, Lindbaeck
16. Zmarzlik, Klima, Michelsen, Thorssell
17. Zmarzlik, Lindgren, Hansen, Kvech
18. Pawlicki, Lindbaeck, Jensen, Klima (t)
19. Milik, Michelsen, Przyjemski, Henriksson (w)
20. Dudek, Lindgren, Kvech, Thomsen