Poland defended the title of European Speedway Team Champions

The Polish national team defended the title of Team European Speedway Champions. The white-and-reds won gold medals for the second time in a row on the track in the German city of Stralsund, ahead of the Danes and the British. The hosts took fourth place. The order on the podium was therefore the same as last year in Poznań.

The seaside town on the Baltic Sea gathered quite a large crowd of speedway fans in the stands, who watched the dominance of the main favorites from the beginning. In the first round, only Dominik Kubera failed to win the race, coming behind Kai Huckenbeck. But later our speedway riders definitely dominated, winning a total of as many as 12 out of 20 races. Only twice did they come in places worse than second.

“Some may say that we won easily. But every profession comes with a certain amount of risk. We didn’t quite know what to expect from this track, but in the end it suited everyone very well and we are happy with another gold medal – admitted Rafał Dobrucki, manager of the Polish national team.

– I haven’t won any medal for a long time, it was nice to play for the Polish national team again. The tournament went our way, we dominated from the beginning of the competition – added the captain of our team Jarosław Hampel.

The second place was taken by the Danes, who, after a sluggish beginning of the competition, performed slightly better in the later phase. However, the British had a lot of problems, and the Germans, who had a very uneven composition, had even more problems. As many as three of their players did not bring even a point on Saturday,

HN Nowak GmbH European Team Speedway Championship results

1. Poland 49 p.
Bartosz Zmarzlik 13 (3,2,3,2,3)
Jarosław Hampel 11 (3,3,3,0,2)
Szymon Woźniak 13 (3,2,2,3,3)
Dominik Kubera 12 (2,3,3,3,1)
Bartłomiej Kowalski ns.

2. Denmark 35 p.
Mikkel Michelsen 12 (2,3,2,2,3,-)
Frederik Jakobsen 9 (1,1,3,3,1)
Rasmus Jensen 9 (0,3,2,2,2)
Andreas Lyager 5 (2,1,1,-,1)
Emil Breum 0 (0)

3. Great Britain 22 p.
Daniel Bewley 11 (1,2,1,1,3,3)
Adam Ellis 5 (1,0,2,2,0)
Tom Brennan 4 (1,1,1,0,1)
Richie Worrall 2 (0,0,1,1,-)
Daniel Glikes ns.

4. Germany 14 p.
Kai Huckenbeck 8 (3,2,0,1,0,2)
Erik Riss 0 (0,0,0,-,0)
Martin Smolinski 0 (0,0,0,0,-)
Norick Blodoern 6 (2,1,0,1,2)
Erik Bachhuber 0 (0)